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This is a guest blog post I wrote for The Rogue Scholar Salon, assembled by the gracious Brandy Schillace. Thanks for inviting me into the salon, Brandy, and letting me be part of this fascinating and germane altac conversation!


Wax_finaledge_rogueSWelcome back to the Rogue Scholar Salon!

Companion to the Dose and Reboot, the RS Salon (and attendant ‘seal of approval’) supports those scholars working outside their ‘official’ disciplines. It’s an increasingly inter-disciplinary world; we should promote and celebrate those who–as academics, physicians, alt-acs, independent scholars, authors, and just plain curious and intrepid souls–add to our shared knowledge and the search for what it means to be human.

Today, I am pleased to present the Rogue Scholar journey of Dr. Jennifer Roberts. Dr. headshotRoberts did her Ph.D. in early modern (Renaissance) literature and spent a fair amount of time studying the history of science and medicine.  She is now writing a novel, a piece of historical fiction loosely based on the life of Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle, a 17th-century writer, natural philosopher, and poet. In addition, Dr. Roberts is the mother of two daughters, wife of…

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